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Do you have faith?

Faith. That's rich. Faith is a made up concept that religious leaders and zealots. Faith is nothing. It's a myth. People just believe things that are shoved at them and that's not new. First it was paganism which preferably is my choice of religion. There is no faith there is the acceptance that miscellaneous gods are out to fuck with your life as they see fit. It makes the most sense. Loki is out there just fucking with people because its fun and fucking young hot girls and boys because he can. Personally I'm down with guys like Loki and Zeus. Fucking around with kids and women and who ever the hell else they want. Turning into swans and tigers and all that other shit. Where do you think my kind come from? They're the product of a god in wolf form fucking some chick and her having a half baby. That's what we are. Lycan. People would say we're myth's just like Faith but hey I can rip their throats out just for the sake of fun. Ya know? So I don't have faith. I don't think faith is real. People just hang on to things that make them more comfortable with this fucked up world.

Besides. Those pagans? They're the ones who give me my power. And they give me my power over Bella. That pretty little thing fucking Tristan so hard he nearly bleeds and then she comes back to me, I see the look in her eyes, the hate for controlling her so much like a puppet. Bella is my little puppet - and oh how I have fun with her when she comes back to me. She tastes like him and I make her bleed when she doesn't want to. I make her hurt because I know Tristan made sweet love to her - the kind that's nearly sickening. Sex is about hard and fast - brutality and control. That's what it's about.

Faith. What a crock.

Muse | Jaccob Waters
Fandom | Original Character
Word Count | 332
045. Things you wish you had said/done.

1. I
2. should
3. have
4. killed
5. Bella
6. White
7. when
8. I had
9. the
10. chance.

Muse | Jaccob Waters
Fandom | Original Character
I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception. - Groucho Marx


I hate Isabelle White. So it makes it easy to use her. To violate her once again with my body and that nifty little concoction of enchanted ink. I'm hoping Tristan catches on to the game I've got her playing for me and kills her. It will be something I would pay to see, first row seat to her destruction and his slow decent back into hell. He's a beautiful creature, my greatest creation. He always had the potential to become what he did he just needed the push. The push of blood and sex. The push that I gave him. He always knew that I would never be his, that love was a useless word that meant nothing. He used it anyway, declaring his love for me even though he knew it wasn't the same. You can't feel something you don't believe in. Obsession and possessiveness? Oh yeah, those things I felt sharper than most.

Then came Isabelle White. I'd seen her first and had every intention of tearing her eyes out and letting them slide down my throat but I got distracted by Tristan's incessant assumption that there was more between us than predator and prey. Owner and dog.

But he found Isabelle White as well. He took her to his bed and turned her as if she ever deserved the gift. He said he loved her and would have given just about everything for her. When I came back for him he wanted to protect her from me. I had ever intention of killing her at first but the violation seemed more appropriate.

I'm all about appropriateness.

He gave me her finger. I knew even then that he hadn't killed her but I kept the finger as a souvineer anyway, a little reminder of what my boy would do to save someone like her. It was through that fucking finger I was able to find the spell. Bind her to me long before I had to tattoo that symbol into her skin. I wear the bones on a white-gold necklace around my neck. It ties us together. She's mine now. Isabelle White is mine to do with as I please.

I love the power now and I can't wait till Tristan realizes she's fucking me when she leaves him. That she's playing him like a fiddle because he lets her.

I'll cure him of this weakness if it's the last thing I do. And if my boy feels he wants to kill me for it, well he can try.

Muse: Jaccob Waters
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 422
I wanna know what he knows
I wanna feel what he felt
I wanna go where he's been

I wanna know what he knows
I wanna hear your secrets
I want you and I want him

Cos you smell like apple candy
and we're singin hallelujah
and the edge in your affection broke my skin

but I wanna know what he knows
and I wanna touch what he touched
and call me by his name

It's not envy. It's not that he's in love. Jaccob has never in his life believed in things like love or romance. It's not that she's singular to him or that he desires her. It's the power she holds over Tristan that makes Jaccob want her with a fierceness that surprises even him. The first time he sees her, Tristan's behind her, his head carelessly on her shoulder. They're standing there simple, neither of them quite aware of him yet somehow still aware. There's an intimacy between them that's startling and Jaccob can barely stand the sight of it.

It's that moment he decides he has to have her. He's got plenty of reasons for it. For the most part he knows it's to taint something that Tristan views as his. The thing that might have granted his pet solace when Jaccob was gone. The thing that obliterated all lessons about love that Jaccob had attempted to teach him. He wanted to know what the big deal was, if she was worth anything at all, let alone being changed.

Jaccob resented Bella White from the moment he saw her, smelled Tristan soaked deeply into her skin. He wanted himself soaked into her skin, mingled with Tristan. He had no need to claim her or to make her his, just to mark her, ruin her.

He had attempted to seduce her but months after they'd first met. Her dislike for him was as palpable as his was for her. Tristan torn between his two lovers for an eternity of their silent battle. It was violent in its silence. It was violent in every crevice of that war between them.

When he took her it was violent in a way that he had not expected. He did manage to permeate her skin, her hatred seeping into his. Her utter defiance exciting him in a way he did not understand. It wasn't her he wanted, neccesarily, it was what she meant to his lover. It was her power. He wanted to hold that power in his hand and crush it beneath his palms so completely that she would be shamed into oblivion. He never had any intention of killing her even though the thought had crossed him mind. He'd always wanted Tristan to do it, preferably in front of him. However, he was fine with the way things turned out, Tristan's attempt at saving her. His attempt and gift of her finger. Jaccob kept that finger, attached it to the chain around his neck.

He possessed her in a way that she'd never be possessed again, sullied her in a way that he knew Tristan would never forgive either of them for but he did not care. He'd always wanted to be the one to taste her hate and that he had undoubtedly accomplished.

Muse: Jaccob Waters
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 471
Current Mood: boredbored
17 October 2007 @ 05:14 pm
039. TEN people you've never had a romantic entanglement with.

1. I
2. do
3. not
4. do
5. romance.
6. Love
7. is
8. for
9. foolish
10. people.

Muse | Jaccob Waters
Fandom | Original Character
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17 October 2007 @ 05:10 pm
040. TEN people who have saved you.

1. I
2. Have
3. Never
4. Once
5. Needed
6. Anyone
7. To
8. Save
9. Me.
10. Ever.

Muse | Jaccob Waters
Fandom | Original Character
Current Mood: calmcalm
03 September 2007 @ 09:46 am
TEN most influential people in your life.

1. Samuel
2. Beth
3. Mom
4. Dad
5. Tristan
6. Bella
7. Laura
8. Melissa
9. George
10. Susanne

Muse | Jaccob Waters
Fandom | Original Character
Current Mood: boredbored
Monster Hospital, can you please release me?
You hold my hands down, I've been bad.
You hold my arms down, I've been bad.
I've been bad, I've been bad.

I fought the war
I fought the war
I fought the war
but the war won

He was a small child when his pack started the migration down south. His father (on his mother’s orders) had been sent to scout out new territory and had found refuge just outside of New Orleans. So the migration began, they hunted along the way and Jaccob was forced to help or watch. At the time he hadn’t yet developed a craving for blood and flesh between his teeth. He was just a child following the pack.

They came upon a house. He’s sure that Samuel, at the time just a mut looking for something to make him greater, knew the woman. He knows that as well as he knows his own name. He got too much pleasure out of killing her.

It was the boy that Jaccob saw first. He was in his wolf form, his reddish fur standing out among the darkness. The boy thought he was a puppy, even when Jaccob bared his teeth in warning.

Jaccob hearded the child into the room with the others and was praised for his work by the man he would come to hate. He missed his father if only because he could remind the rest of the pack to leave Jaccob alone. He was heir, he was important like a prince among thieves.

When Samuel lunged for the boy Jaccob jumped in front of him, snarling. He had no idea why he felt the need to protect this human child but he did. Samuel growled in warning but Jaccob did not falter, his reddish fur standing on end. He was a child but he was strong, he had the purest blood among them, he’d been born, like his mother. Only the elders of the pack could say the same. The rest of them had been changed, not nearly as strong as even a child with pure blood.

Finally Jaccob’s mother growled and Samuel backed off. Jaccob turned to the boy and nuzzled his face, breathing in the scent he would later forget.

They left the boy behind, clinging to his mother’s broken body.

Muse: Jaccob Waters
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 343
Current Mood: thirstythirsty
Current Music: Metric - Monster Hospital
04 August 2007 @ 11:15 am
TEN people Jaccob wishes he’d never met.

1. Samuel Florinet. His step father.
2. Julia Waters. His sister.
3. Micha Waters. His father.
4. Charisma Waters. His mother.
5. Elizabeth Marshall. His mate.
6. Tristan Chase. The only person he’s turned.
7. Isabelle White. Tristan’s whore.
8. Tyler Florinet. His half brother.
9. Taylor Florinet. His half brother.
10. Laura Pintel. His grandmother.

Jaccob Waters
Original Character
Current Mood: boredbored
Ahh. I do nothing if not indulge every single one of my desires. I’ve always been this way. Since I was a small child and my mother doted on me simply because I was set to inherit the pack that her family worked so hard to build. I was a bratty child, sociopathic tendencies but that’s not uncommon in those born under this bad sign. The cliché amuses me.

When I was thirteen and running away from home with my best friend/lover, I did what I had to get by in the world. Cheated, lied, stole. It didn’t particularly matter to me. The laws of my world superseded the laws of humans. I was taught that my entire life and it’s still ingrained into me now. I scared Beth, with who I was. It wasn’t the wolf she was fearful of but the man. I’m man just as you are but I’m so much more. I’ll always be so much more.

I enjoy self indulgence. Who doesn’t? Most people are stupid enough to think it’s a bad thing to allow oneself to have our every whim and desire. I fuck and fight and kill and it’s all to make myself fill alive.

Muse: Jaccob Waters
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 202